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Reducing Fall Risks in the Elderly

reducing-fall-risks-in-the-elderlyAs one of the leading providers of home health care services, we are experts when caring for seniors and making sure they are safe from falls. Allow us to share our expertise so you can avoid falls, too.

  • Exercise regularly.
    Physical activity is always beneficial for anyone at any age. Consult your doctor or physical therapist about exercise routines you can do that will improve your balance, strength, and flexibility, so you can avoid falls.
  • Add more lighting in dim areas of your home to improve your sight.
    You should also visit your eye doctor regularly to get your eyesight and prescription eyewear checked. With better eyesight, you can avoid any tripping hazards on the floor.
  • Consider personal care services.
    This is a type of home care service that can help take care of your needs while maintaining your independence and safety at home. Rest assured that care providers will aim to maximize your comfort.
  • Make use of safety tools for seniors.
    Some examples include walkers and cranes. They can help keep you steady when you walk or help maintain your balance when standing up. You can also add handrails and grab bars inside the bathroom for safety.

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