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Helpful Hydration Tips for Senior Care


Seniors are more likely to get dehydrated due to health problems, muscle loss, movement problems, and side effects from some maintenance drugs. Dehydration is difficult to detect in the early stages, and by the time you determine why your senior is constantly feeling sick, it can be too late. How then can we ensure the security of your senior loved one?

The following are some strategies from our senior care in Jupiter, Florida, Alpha Allied Home Care, Inc., to help you keep your senior from being dehydrated:

  • Keep track of the weather

    It is not the only reason to check the weather report to determine if it will rain or not. Dehydration can result from heat and humidity. Make smoothies, sparkling juices, and popsicles if you realize that it’s getting too heated.

  • Tell them to drink more water

    Seniors frequently forget things. Your senior may become dehydrated if they frequently neglect to drink their water. Remind your loved one to occasionally sip a little water. Invest in home health care services if you live a long way from a senior relative so that someone can take care of them while you’re gone.

  • Fill their refrigerator with hydrating foods and beverages

    Fill your loved one’s refrigerator with foods that are high in water content and hydrating beverages to provide a constant supply. Our in-home care in Florida will be more than glad to assist loved ones with grocery shopping and meal preparation in line with your loved one’s dietary requirements.

Your elderly relative deserves the best care. Give us a call when you’re prepared to make a consultation with our home health care agency. We’re prepared to assist. To contact us, call 561-721-6453.

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