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How Aging Adults Benefit from Receiving Personal Care

how-aging-adults-benefit-from-receiving-personal-careKeeping up with personal hygiene is essential to maintaining a healthy appearance. Good hygiene prevents body odor and lessens the risk of infection. This promotes overall wellness and boosts seniors’ self-esteem. Hence, we offer personal care services to help look after your loved one’s hygiene needs.

As a trusted provider of in-home care in Florida, we will discuss the benefits of personal care for older adults:

  • Promote good personal hygiene.
    Good personal hygiene is crucial to promote overall health and cleanliness. By maintaining good hygiene habits, seniors reduce the risk of infection that can lead to more serious illness. As a home health care agency, we can help seniors maintain their good hygiene habits.
  • Maintain a good quality of life.
    Personal care promotes a good quality of life as it promotes physical health, mental health, and safety for seniors. Caregivers that deliver personal care are trained to safeguard their patients as they assist with dressing, bathing, toileting, transference, and more. Additionally, personal care 4 can include meal preparation, meal planning, monitoring, mobility assistance, and similar.
  • Promote the senior’s dignity.
    Poor hygiene can result in poor self-esteem in seniors. With personal care, seniors can maintain a sense of pride in themselves. Personal care promotes this by ensuring their hygiene and personal needs are well-taken care of to promote a positive self-image.

Alpha Allied Home Care, Inc. is a leading provider of exceptional senior care in Jupiter, Florida. In addition to personal care, we offer a wide range of services to promote overall health, independence, and safety for seniors. Set an appointment with us to discuss your elderly loved one’s needs.

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