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Supporting Your Goals through Life Skills


As a chosen home health care agency, we learned that the best way to help our clients is to answer their requirements. Only when we can pinpoint the need would we be able to provide the right kind of support that will improve the client’s situation.

For our patients with physical, intellectual, developmental, or emotional disabilities, doing daily activities and participating in common activities can be a different experience. With our life skill services, we design a support plan to help them achieve their desired goals and level of independence.

Earning one’s living is considered a key milestone. Our job seeking and maintenance support provides the services for clients to look for employment within their capacity and keep their roles. We open doors to different opportunities where the right person can thrive.

Technology can be intimidating for those who have yet to learn it. Computer skills are important to have a decent job in today’s market. We support our clients in learning and building these skills so they may apply for work later. We also include Internet safety skills to ensure every client knows the safety and dangers of the web.

We have more to offer in our life skill services— from helping clients do daily activities to going out in social interactions. We are here to support your goals by assisting you in building the skills to achieve your ambition.

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