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Reducing the Risk of Falls in Seniors


As a high-quality provider of in-home care in Florida, we are experts when it comes to caring for elderly individuals, which includes keeping them safe at all times. We will be more than happy to share with you some useful tips to help reduce your loved one’s risk of falls at home:

  • Make sure your home is well-lit so that you can see your walkway properly. We also recommend you get your contacts or glasses adjusted from time to time.
  • Keep your house as tidy as possible. As typical tripping risks, it is crucial to clear away any clutter, dispose of any rubbish, clean up spills, and tuck away any cables on the floor.
  • Purchase and install some safety equipment for your restrooms, such as grab bars and railings. For additional support, you can also make use of walkers or cranes.
  • Stay physically active with your doctor’s permission. There are numerous fitness regimens that can help you improve your strength and balance, both of which are vital in avoiding falls.
  • Hire someone who can provide personal care services, such as a caregiver. They can help you with toileting, minor cleaning, and other personal care activities, as well as ensure your safety. Having someone look after you can significantly lessen your risk of falls.

Alpha Allied Home Care, Inc. is a reputable provider of senior care in Jupiter, Florida. Our goal is to be able to help make your loved one’s life at home much easier.

That is why we provide a wide range of services, such as housekeeping services, personal care, residential nursing, skilled nursing services, respite care, and more.

If you are interested in using our services, then please visit or call our home health care agency at 561-721-6453.

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