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Medication Management for Senior Loved Ones

medication-management-for-senior-loved-onesIf you care for a senior loved one, you may wonder how to help them manage their medications. This can be challenging, but several strategies can make things easier. Here are helpful tips from Alpha Allied Home Care, Inc., a certified Home Health Care Agency based in Florida.

  • Keep updated medication lists.
    Write down all of the senior’s current essential medications and keep a copy of their medical file. This list will help you know what medication to take and ensure that your loved one is receiving the correct dosage of each drug.
  • Create and use a medication schedule.
    Schedule all medication intake so nothing can be missed. Creating an effective schedule means having an inventory of the current medications they’re taking, including any over-the-counter drugs and supplements they may have been prescribed.
  • Organize all pills into daily containers.
    To simplify taking your medications, try organizing them into daily containers or weekly pill organizers. You may also want to use monthly pill organizers or even a combination of all three kinds of medication organizers as needed.
  • Dispose of expired or unwanted medications.
    Properly dispose of any expired or unwanted medications lying around at home. This can prevent taking the wrong medicine, accidental overdose, and misuse.

Taking care of someone with a chronic illness can get overwhelming; the tips mentioned will surely help you organize the medication management of your loved ones in a way that makes sense for them so they can easily find what they need each day.

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