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Keeping the Kitchen Sink Empty


If you haven’t known, keeping your home clean, tidy, and organized affects your health. Like many providers of senior care in Jupiter, Florida, we’ve seen how the status of the house can affect the health of the elderly living in it. But there’s one area in the home we want to focus on. That’s the kitchen, specifically the kitchen sink.

Why are we spotlighting the area? Because, more often than not, dirty dishes and pans fill the kitchen sink. And if no one washes those up, one’s health may be jeopardized, especially the elderly’s. Animals and insects will find solitude and resources in that pile. It’s also an excellent breeding ground for bacteria to grow and multiply. So, as a home health care agency whose caregiver performs light housekeeping tasks, here are tips on keeping the kitchen sink empty:

  • If you can, immediately clean the dishes, utensils, glasses, and other kitchen wares after using.
  • Minimize using too many kitchen wares when preparing your food. In this way, you have lesser things to wash.
  • If it’s difficult, avail housekeeping services to do this.

Keeping the locks hooked isn’t the only definition of safety and security. Here at Alpha Allied Home Care, Inc., household chores may cause health hazards when not addressed immediately and adequately. Even a kitchen sink filled with dirty dishes can harm our patients. Thus, our housekeeping services ensure that the home is clean so that living in the house is safe.

If you wish to keep up the cleanliness of your elderly loved one’s home and kitchen sink, avail of our deep-cleaning service for in-home care in Florida, and we will make it happen.

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