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Essential Tips for Caring for Senior Wounds


As we grow older, it is not uncommon for our skin to become thinner and more fragile. Caring for a senior loved one’s wounds requires specialized attention to promote healing and prevent complications. Today, we at Alpha Allied Home Care, Inc. will be discussing the things you can do to care for your senior loved one’s wounds. As your primary provider of senior care in Jupiter, Florida, we will ensure that you have the excellent information you need.

With the support of a home health care agency, you can help your loved ones with the following :

  • Clean the Wound

    The first step in caring for a wound is to clean it thoroughly to prevent infection. Use clean, warm water and mild soap to gently clean the wound and surrounding area. If the wound is bleeding, apply gentle pressure with a clean cloth to stop the bleeding.

  • Use Proper Dressings

    The type of dressing used to cover the wound can play a crucial role in promoting healing and preventing infection. Choose dressings that are appropriate for the type and severity of the wound. Non-adhesive dressings, gauze, and sterile strips are commonly used for wounds.

  • Keep the Wound Moist

    Contrary to popular belief, keeping a wound moist can promote healing and prevent scarring. Using petroleum jelly or other ointments on the wound can help keep it moist and promote healing. However, avoid using hydrogen peroxide or alcohol, which can dry out the wound and delay healing.

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